Elmer Burlingame
Elmer Burlingame
from The Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Project
by Lynn Burlingame

  The Beginnings Elmer's Plane
at Garden City
July 1910
Elmer's Plane
at Hempstead Plain
August, 1910

     If you search for "Elmer Burlingame" +aviation, using the Google search engine, (5-9-06), you will find about 13 links. Perhaps the most helpful of the relevant links are the following.

     Philip Fletcher has written a long letter to the Aero Club in which he poses many questions regarding Elmer and also offers many important bits of information. In response, Bill Deane has answered some of his questions and offered many other facts of interest. You can read the whole exchange by clicking on the title above.

The Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Project
by Lynn Burlingame

     I first became aware of Elmer Allah Burlingame several years ago while working on a Burlingame family genealogy. A distant relative sent me two printed pages of information about Elmer Burlingame, and it was of a nature that I was certain that it was the product of a genealogy mill. One of the sheets was the "Burlingame Bulletin" and it consisted of endless testimonials about Burlingame that indicated that he was a combination of Tesla, Edison, Steinmetz, Einstein, Alger and Bell............
To read the rest of this fascinating story, just click on the title.

The Burlingame Telegraphing Typewriter Patent
Contributed by Jeremy Burlingame, 2-28-11

     I did a quick search in Google Patents and found this copy of the patent application filed April 26, 1906.

Elmer Burlingame died on January 22, 1935
From Philip L. Fletcher
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