Alfred Comte (1895-1965) Originating in Courtételle, born in Delémont, he obtains his pilot's licence in Villacoublay, where, of start he surprises by his qualities of acrobat. Become test pilot at Gnome, he returns to the country to pass recruitment to the day before of the 1st World war. He is the youngest child of the first Swiss military flotilla and the chances of the mobilization bring back it since 1916 in the Jura, where he achieves many reconnaissance missions. With Mittelholzer, he forms, in 1920, the company Ad Astra Aero which will become Swissair later. In 1925, joins engineer Fierz (father of "Pilatus Porter") and built several apparatuses in the workshops of Oberrieden (ZH). One of his planes, the "AC 4 Gentleman", still flies today, after more than 50 years of service. The little of eagerness of the Swiss persons in charge obliges Comte to give up the aircraft industry in 1935. After having begun again service in the military aviation between 39-45, he finishes his professional career in the municipal authorities zurichoise. The name of Alfred Comte was given to a street of his birthplace. With when his entry with the Musée jurassien??
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