Dr. Herman A. DeVry
A Brief Saga
of a
Great American Inventor
Educational Pioneer

Dr. C. R. Crakes

  On March 23, 1941, in the city of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., there came to a dose the active life of a man whose influence on American education, if not on the education of the world, has been most dramatic and revolutionary . Tools of learning developed by this leader served as tremendous aids in the winning of the second world war and will certainly have a tremendous influence on the training of the youth and adult population of the entire world in the future.
     Herman Adolf DeVry, D.S., engineer, manufacturer and educator and, more specifically, the inventor of the first portable motion picture projector, is an American whose life history may well be taken as a typical saga or story of heroic deeds by American youth and future generations. His deeds were heroic in the sense that he seized the opportunities offered any boy in the average American community and with hard work and perseverance and the inventive genius with which he was endowed, he brought forth new methods, new ideas. yes, a new philosophy to education.

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