Alberto Santos Dumont
O Pai da Aviação
(The Father of Aviation)
Bust at Congonhas Airport, São Paulo, Brazil
Photo courtesy of Michael Nothenberg


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Uma Homenagem
     This website of Marcus Mello is really a remarkable resource for anyone interested in the life and career of Santo-Dumont. Although the majority of the many sections are in Portuguese, there are several important ones available in English. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Agenda Santos-Dumont
     This homepage of Alfredo Muradas Dapena's website offers some very unique features, especially with reference to the upcoming centennial year celebration of the flight of Santos-Dumont in his 14 bis which will be held on October 23, 2006. One section answers the question, "Where did he go?" (Por onde passou?). Included are details of his visits to the United States including New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Ohio, Missouri and Louisiana. You can access an English translation of this feature by clicking on:
Where did he go?
English Version
     You can access the homepage by clicking on the title above.

Alberto Santos Dumont
Santos-Dumont e a invenção do vôo
Henrique Lins de Barros
The path of who became known as the Father of Aviation is told in this book in detail, from the first years of 20th century to his tragic death, in 1932. By means of commentaries left by the inventor himself and people who coexisted with him, Henrique Lins de Barros discloses the human side of Santos-Dumont, with his anguishes and contradictions. At the same time, he shows the preocupation of the inventor in developing his projects which gave impetus to the advancement of aviation.
  Editor's Note:
     This recently released book, of 192 pages and more than 100 photographs, by Henrique Lins de Barros, was recommended to me by his brother, Mauro Lins de Barros. Mauro has been a major contributor of information on Orton Hoover who as a representative of the Curtiss Company, was the instructor of the first naval aviators in Brazil, on the Curtiss "F" boat, starting with 1st. Lt. Raul Ferreira Vianna Bandeira, 1st. Lt. Antonio Augusto Schorcht and 2nd. Lt. Victor de Carvalho e Silva in October of 1916.
     Mauro wrote recently, (June 14, 2003), that:
     *Incidentally, my brother Henrique has just published a new book on Santos-Dumont called "Santos-Dumont e a invenção do vôo", published by Jorge Zahar Editor. I am glad to report that the reception has been excellent and sales are brisk.
     If you wish to know more about the book, and perhaps purchase a copy, you can visit their website by clicking on the title above. The book is written in Portuguese and is said to contain more than 100 photographs, many of them previously unpublished. For more details, (In Portuguese) you can click on "leia mais..." just below the description on the page.
If you don't read Portuguese, and want a translation, you can copy the text and paste it in the Babelfish Translation Program. It is available at:

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Follow Your Dream
Alberto Santos Dumont
Follow Your Dreams:
The Story of Alberto Santos-Dumont
Dê Asas aos Seus Sonhos
Elisabeth P. Waugaman Ph.D.
Product Details
Paperback: 76 pages
Publisher: Editora Prometheus;
1 edition (2005)
Languages: English & Portuguese
List Price: $24.99
ISBN: 8599240021
  Book Description:
""Follow Your Dreams" is a book with big dreams. The first is to inspire and uplift children in following the path they choose in life - in following their dreams. The second is to deepen their appreciation of the beauty of the world and the sky as a complex, magical place by painting Alberto's poetic descriptions of what he saw during his flights. The third is to make Alberto's wonderful story better known throughout the world. His story is too amazing, too uplifting, to be forgotten. And finally, this book will help the children of Brazil because the author is giving half her royalties to charities helping children in Brazil. Those who buy the book will inspire a child in their lives, they will help revive the story of a wonderful historical figure, and they will help the children of Brazil. Thank You. May all Your Dreams Come True,
Elisabeth Waugam."

Photo from
Amir Borges Mattos
Santos Dumont

Birth: 1873
Death: 1932
Brazillian-born, French aeronautics engineer. He built an early, gas-powered dirigible and made the first airplane flight in Europe.
Burial: Cemitério São João Batista Botafogo,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Record added: May 6 1999
Editor's Note: The picture and text comes from the Find A Grave website. I heartily recommend this site for anyone interested in the graves of pioneer aviators, famous celebrities and non-famous persons..
You can access it by clicking on:
Find A Grave

The photo is reproduced by the kind permission of Amir Borges Mattos, a Brazilian writer with several books to his credit. I invite you to visit his interesting homepage. You will be able to browse the site in either a Portuguese or English version.
You can access it by clicking on:
Amir Borges Mattos

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