Hélène Dutrieux
Hélène Dutrieux
Library of Congress Collection, 3-18-08

     If you use the Google search engine on Héléne Dutrieu, (1-14-11), you will find about 1,870 links. One which is not readily revealed by the search is the following.

     This appears to be an entry point to a fabulous collection of photographs. The text is all in French which prevents me from understanding it very well. However, it seems to be a collection of pages from an album filled with pictures of early Belgian aviators and aeroplanes. You will find two pages devoted to Hélène Dutrieu, both of which may be enlarged so as to see more detail. I suggest that you surf about the site, just to enjoy some of the other entries. You can access the site by clicking on the title.

Hélène Dutrieu
     As usual, the Wikipedia website offers a very valuable review of her life and career. You can access the site by clicking on the link above.

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