used as a U. S. Army Air Force training base for C-47 and B-17 bomber crews during World War II. In 1946, a portion of the airfield was designated a municipal airport, and commercial airline operations were moved from Felts Field to Geiger Field. In 1959 the City & County of Spokane acquired Geiger Field under the Surplus Property Act and in 1960 it was renamed Spokane International Airport.

U. S. Army Service Number O2341
Born, Plainfield, New Jersey, October 7, 1884 (family home).
Died, Middletown, PA, May 17, 1927.

Father, Fred C. Geiger (jewelry manufacturer in New York City); born, 1856; married 1878; died, 1939.
Mother, Josephine Squier Dodd.
     Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Geiger's residence on May 17, 1927, was the Hotel Seville, New York, NY. Their former residence had been in East Orange, New Jersey at the corner of Central Avenue and Clinton Street. It was a palatial home with spacious grounds that they had built in the 1880's. They had moved to East Orange from Morristown, New Jersey.
Brother, Fred C. Geiger, Jr. - Born, Morristown, New Jersey, 1879.
Brother, Col. William Dodd Geiger, USA - Born, 1883 (Aviation section WW1 and WWII)

Wife, Frances M. Bridges; born, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1890; died, October 23, 1963.
     Married, Coronado, California, September 15, 1914.
Daughter, Gretchen Geiger, born, San Diego, California, May 27, 1915. Conversation with CAP on June 26,1997; July 17, 1997; August 7, 1997; August 14, 1997, September 2, 1997 and September 12, 1997.
Son, Willson Bridges Geiger, born, Berlin, Germany, June 16, 1921; died, Laie, Hawaii, August 25, 1996. In service with the U. S. Merchant Marine during WWII; TV producer with Channel 5 and KCET-TV Channel 28 in Los Angeles, CA. Wife: Mila Geiger. Son: Mike Geiger. Conversation with Mrs. Willson B. Geiger on June 26, 1997, and September 3, 1997.

Nephew, William Dodd Geiger, Jr. - Born, New York, New York, September 29, 1918. RAF, 71st Eagle Squadron, WWII. P.O.W., September 20, 1941. Address: 601 Westover Place, Pasadena, CA 91105. Conversation with CAP on June 21, 1993.

Dearborn Morgan School, East Orange, New Jersey.
Carteret Academy, West Orange, New Jersey (in the first group of students who graduated).
Stevens Institute of Technology (1902-1904) , Hoboken, New Jersey.
United States Military Academy, June 16, 1904 to February 14, 1908,
     USMA Number 4664, Class Rating Number 23 out of 108 graduates.

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