Johnny Green and the Curtiss flying boat "Sunshine", which Cuban aviator Augustin Parla used, on May 29, 1919, to make the first commercial flight from Cuba to the United States of America. I do not know who the other person is, in the photo, but it appears that they are named in the description on its back,
     "March 14, 1921, Seaplane "Sunshine", Johnny Green, Aviator, From St. Petersburgh, Florida, Alida Blume"
Reverse of Postcard
Photos & caption courtesy of Roy Nagl, 11-28-03
Ancient Aviators Website

Johnny Green
Johnny Green and George Lawrence in the Betty
     It appears that this image may show Johnny Green and George Lawrence, along with the Curtiss flying boat "Betty". There is another photo of this flying boat, (see immediately below), which may be useful in identifying the aviators that are shown in this photo. Johnny Green is one of the aviators that I have taken a particular interest in, so I was extremely delighted to have stumbled across this photo.
Photo & Text Courtesy of Roy Nagl, 5-15-07

Johnny Green
Johnny Green & George Lawrence
Tampa Bay, Florida


     I notice on your site for "Augustin Parla" it mentions Johnny Green.. One of the photos I have (2 actually) show a man, apparently Johnny Green, in Tampa bay with George Lawrence.
     News accounts list Green as taking Lawrence up to make a photo the area so I assume thats what this photo is with Lawrence with his camera and the pilot. the plane , a Curtiss, had just been purchased from man named Harry Powers who was a friend of Lawrences and is many photos of the Lawrence group there with the plane. So I suppose thats how Lawrence got involved with Green to make the photo..
     My question is, seems like this Johnny Green might be same person who made flight with Parla, unless there were other Johnny Greens around. But have not been able to find anything on either Green or Powers.
I don't suppose the family you worked with on Parla has photos...? Nothing shows on the site.
     Anyway, here's the Lawrence-Green photos. In overall photo Lawrence on left, Green next and some spectators apparently. The other photo has Lawrence with is pan camera

Photo & Text Courtesy of Tom Yanul

Johnny Green
George Lawrence, Johnny Green & Spectators
Tampa Bay, Florida

Photo & Text Courtesy of Tom Yanul

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