Hassell Greater Rockford
- Greater Rockford -
Departed Rockford, Illinoies, August 19, 1928
Arrived Rockford, May 13, 1969

Contributed by James E. Young, 10-21-10

Hassell Greater Rockford
Greater Rockford
On Display at the Midway Village & Museum

Midway Village & Museum
     In 1968, After long and complicated negotiations, arrangements were finalized and the recovery team included Hassell's son, Vic, and 'Shorty' Cramer's brother, Bill. The plane was taken to the Sondrestrom Air Base at Mount Evans for storage until plans could be made to get it back to Rockford. In June, 1969, a C-46 cargo plane brought the Greater Rockford back to the United States, but it later found it's way to an aviation exhibits center in Kissimmee, FL. In 1975, the plane was brought from Florida to Rockford and placed unders the restoration efforts of the Aviation Technology Department at Rock Valley College; Rob McCarthy, an RVC student, was closely involved with the restoration project.
     Over several years, numerous donors and persons were directly involved or monetarily contributed to the restoration of the 1928 Stinson Detroiter. Among those interested in seeing the plane fully restored was the Rockford Museum Center. Also involved were Sundstrand Aviation of Sundstrand, and the reputable restorers Garner "Gar" Williams with assistant Mike Warner of Naperville, IL.
     The Greater Rockford was dedicated to the Aviation Gallery of the Rockford Museum Center in 1988, 60 years after Bert hassell's attempted flight.
     Recommended reading: Fish Hassell; A Viking with Wings, by Col. Bert R. J. Hassell, Mary Hassell Lyons and Dean Todd, eds., Maverick Publications 1987, ISBN 0-89288-171-2(HB), ISBN 0-89288-170-4(PB), for more details.
Personal Communication from Rosalynn Robertson, Curator
and Maralyn Kloweit, Midway Village & Museum

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