Fish Hassell
"Fish" Hassell
Collection of Lester Bishop
Courtesy of David Balanky

     If you search for "Fish Hassell", using the Google search engine, (8-23-08), you will find about 136 links, most of which simply refer to his book. If you include the qualifier "-Viking" in the search field, the number of links drops to 82. Perhaps the most helpful are the following.

Bert R.J. ‘Fish Hassell and Parker D. Shorty Cramer:
Pilots of a Remarkable Rockford-to-Stockholm Flight
     This superb article on the HISTORYNET.COM website offers a very extensive and interesting account of his life and career. It covers in detail the attempt to fly from Rockford to Stockholm.
     "It was written by Gail S. Ravitts and originally published in the September 2000 issue of Aviation History. For more great articles subscribe to Aviation History magazine today!"

Stockholm-Chicago for 75 years ago!
ANDERS HASSELBOHM, den 8 oktober 2004
     This article on the FLYGTORGET website, in Swedish, revues the story of Fish and Shorty and includes several unique photographs. You can read the machine-translated version by clicking on the title above.
     If you are lucky enough to be able to read Swedish, you can access the original article on:

Fish Hassell, a Viking with wings:
An autobiography
Fish Hassell
Product Details
Paper: 219 pages
Used Prices: from $25.00
Publisher: Maverick Publications (1987)
ISBN-10: 0892881704
ISBN-13: 978-0892881703

via email from Kathleen Bowersox, 9-19-10
Dear Mr. Cooper,

I have a collection of books from my Mother and step father, Frank Lillich. Amongst them was a paperback book titled...The fantastic story of the "Hiking Viking" Bert R. J. "Fish" Hassell. Pioneer, Pilot and Adventurer. It was written and compiled by Thomas M Reay, Publ by H. C. Johnson Press. It has many photographs, and tells the story of his "history" and the "Greater Rockford Recovery Operation".

It has an autograph on it from Bob Considine to my stepfather with a note. Frank Lillich was an editor/writer with the Buffalo Evening News which may be how he came to receive the book.

It is a paperback, with 42 pages and many photos. It may have been presented at a program given in Rockford as part of "The Greater Rockford Recovery Operation. Inside was a copy of the program for the dinner. The "Early Birds" were introduced....(Harry Copeland, Pres) etc. etc.

I have attached a copy of the program and a copy of the front and back covers. As I mentioned, Bob Considine was the guest speaker and the book was autographed and presented to my step father Frank Lillich who was a newspaper writer and friend of Bob Considine, thus the writing on the front cover. I hope you are able to view the attachments.

I would very much like to find a home for the booklet if someone or some organization is interested. Please let me know what you think.

Kathleen Bowersox

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