Letter #4
Mr. Peter W. Gross                                                               Jan. 22nd, 1964
Pretty Brook Road
Princeton, N.J.
     My Dear Mr. Gross:
               Now it's about time that I write since you send me a variety of things including your last letter of Jan. 13th, with the picture of the Pfalz experimental D.D. of 1916. And don't let us call it any longer D-IV! I had never heard called it that and remember the Pfalz D-III was not yet existing when I flew this X-D.D. in the summer of 1916.
     Before I answer your question in your letter #4 of Dec. 14th I must thank you for the little blue-book of the "Alte A. Adler". It gives me a lot of pleasure - so many people I knew. I may become a member of this illustrious Society, as you may see by reading the enclosed copies. I went busy; now I have to wait patiently...
     Ernst Eversbusch chief designer in early summer 1916/designed the Pfalz Dr. powered by Siemens-Halske Sh-III, 160 H.P. 11 cyl., 1300 rpm geared to 1/2 prop speed. The a.c. had airfoil on horiz.stabilizer INVERTED (for recovering from inverted flight). Production of Drs. (only 10) came late in 1917.
     D XI was prototype DD, 2 struter 160 HP Mercedes.
     D XI went into production with BMW
     DXV lower wing below fuselage,BMW, No production only 2 ships were made. One given to Udet, I was there in Speyer a few days after the armistice, on my way to Munich with my Fok.D-VIII, and not going to Strasburg to hand it over to the Allies. That very Pfalz D-XV (Udet's Pfalz) I flew in Argentina doing stunt exhibition. Mohrhauer did NOT fly this Pfalz. Read the newspaper clippings I send you on this. I have ample proof for what I state here; I would like to see the article which he had published in Illustrierte Flugwelt. It surely is annuiing me when this truth is so misrepresented; also that I was not recognized as having been a part - as it wa said in testimony by the brothers Alfred and Ernst Eversbuch, of which you have copies - in your article about the Pfalz Flugzwerks.
     Back to your letter of Dec. 14. Yes I was in Sindelfingen a short time after the war but that was before Herr Klemm und Frh. von Thana. I left Argentina in Oct. 1919. I have flown a light cantilever-wing Klemm at Teterboro when I was with Fokker.
     I'm sending your 6 fotos back by same mail. Please make a copy of my Pfalz demostrator EII, and X-DD,Benz (my pictures) for me.
                               With my best greetings and thanks.
Max Holtzem
Max Holtzem
Letter from Edgar B. Smith's estate collection,
submitted by his son, Donald M. Smith, holder of estate.


Editor's Note: Searching the net for links to Klemm, I found this comprehensive story of him and the company on The Hanns Klemm Homepage. It consists of many pages of text including Hanns Klemm Biography, Development of Klemm Flugzeugbau, Who is Who at Klemm, Klemm Aircraft Types, Remaining Klemm Aircraft, etc. I am sure you will enjoy reading the whole story.
You may access the site by clicking on: Klemm

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