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  LESLIE IRVIN, 1966  

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     If you search for "Leslie Irvin", using the Google search engine, (4-22-04), you will find about 381 links. If you search on "Leslie Irvin +aviation", the number is reduced to 49. If time permits you may want to sample many of the links. Perhaps a good place to start is one of the following selections.

     This page on the IRVIN AEROSPACE website, offers a very nice little summary of his life and career. It devotes a substantial portion of the page to a description of the company as it was founded as the Irving Air Chute Company in 1919 and as it evolved into the Irvin Aerospace Company in 1996. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, you might want to go to the homepage by clicking on the name above and then following the links to Irvin Aerospace, Canada & USA and Para-Flite Inc., USA

     This page offers some insight into a product of Leslie's imagination of which I was ignorant. As is stated in the introduction to the story:
     "As aircraft flew at ever increasing altitudes, pilots and aircrew were subject to ever lowering emperatures, Leslie Irvin, realising the need for warm and comfortable clothing for aircrew designed and manufactured a flying jacket to meet all their requirements."
     You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Les Irvin died in 1966
From The Early Birds of Aviation Roster, 1996

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