AKA C.N. "Jimmie" James
Jimmie James
Jimmie James
Jimmie James
Collection of Chris Swinney, 7-6-07

Mail Plane
     A new picture comes to light, taken at the plaque dedication at the San Fernando Valley Airport, Van Nuys, California, (now Van Nuys Airport), in honor of Walter Brookins. The unveiling took place on May 17, 1953. Shown at the dedication are (left to right) George Noville, Garland Lincoln, Mary Brookins--widow of Walter, Tiny Broadwick, Ruth Elder, and C.N. "Jimmie" James.

via email from Dave Thompson, 8-9-04
Just a little fill-in on Jimmy James - I was a young "tech rep" at Bendix West Coast Division of Bendix Aviation Corp. during the 50's and 60's. Jimmy James had been hired by our General Manager, Edwin O. Cooper, as head of plant security.
I had just started learning to fly (1957), and spent as much time as possible in Jimmy's office listening to his endless supply of flying stories about his air mail days.
Having also tried a parachute jump, I asked Jimmy if he had ever tried it. His answer, delivered in a slow, measured manner -- "No, Dave, I couldn't see practicing something that you have to do perfect the first time".
That describes the Jimmy James that I knew to a T.
Thanks for sharing your web site on the Early Birds of Aviation.
Best regards,
Dave Thompson
Director, Bendix West Coast Support Operations, Retired

Collection of William Tinsley, 7-3-04

Certificate of Competency
Collection of William Tinsley, 7-3-04

     Jimmy attended the memorial services for Roy Knabenshoe which were held March 9, 1960 at the Portal of the Folded Wings, Valhalla Memorial Park at North Hollywood, California. To read that story, click on the title above.

     If you search for "Charlie Negus James", using the Google search engine, (7-3-05), you will find about 15 links, most of which relate to his son, Charlie N. James, Jr., who was a POW in Vietnam.
Charlie Negus James, Sr.
      This article which is found on the Rootsweb site offers a very complete and interesting revue of his life and career. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
     If you search for "Jimmie James +aviation", using the Google search engine, (10-03-03), you will find about 197 links! Only about two of them appear to be relevant..
     "1926 The first commercial passenger flight took place at Woodward Field. Ben F. Redman and J.A. Tomlinson perched atop U.S. mail sacks and flew with pilot C.N. 'Jimmy" James on his regular eight-hour mail delivery flight to Los Angeles. This Western air Express operation was the beginning of Western Airlines, which later merged with Delta Air Lines."
Excerpt from website
     The paragraph excerpted above is one of many from the page "History of the Airport" which is found on the website of the Salt Lake City International airport. It refers to one incident in the career of Jimmy James who apparently was active in the beginnings of the Air Mail Service. You can access the site by clicking on the title above. I think you will want to read the whole story of the history of the airport while on the site.
     "The Pony Express meets the Air Express and delivers mail to one of the first of four pilots in the shot above. Known as "The Four Horsemen", Fred Kelly, Jimmy James, Al DeGarmo and Maury Graham became the first flying air team out of the City of Las Vegas."
     The paragraph excerpted above comes from the website of Historical Las Vegas. You can access the rest of the story, which is illustrated with several photos, by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, you may want to sample some of the other sections such as Early History, Las Vegas Begins, Las Vegas People, LA to Las Vegas, City of Destiny, Airport History and Boulder Dam.

Jimmie James was born on Febuary 11, 1898.
died January 15, 1964 in Glendale, California..
From the Rootsweb site. (See above for link)
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