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1994 - 2007
Jo & Ralph
At Writer's Group Meeting - 2005
     Jo tried to attend as many of the Arroyo Seco Writers' Group meetings at the Shakespeare Club in Pasadena as possible, even though she was already wheelchair-bound and tired easily. She didn't always have any work in progress to offer for their criticism, but she enjoyed their company and encouragement of the other writers. This was on the occasion of their December meeting in 2005

The Turtle and the Skunk
Jo Cooper
     Especially in the later years, Jo often used our marriage as the basis for her stories. This is one of those. It is perhaps one of the shortest of her stories, but I find it to be very revealing of her thoughts and philosophy. Click on the title to read the article. You will find it at the bottom, on the right.

40th Wedding Anniversary
December 1963 - December 2003
by Ral;ph Cooper
     Jo always remembered birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, New Years day, etc. I could always expect to find a card, such as this one, on the counter in the kitchen, next to the coffee-maker, where she knew I would see it as soon as I got up in the morning. In addition, she remembered to send cards to all of her relatives and friends, without fail. We will all miss those expressions of her love.
To be Continued

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