An Epilogue

40th Wedding Anniversary
December 1963 - December 2003
by Ralph Cooper
     Jo always remembered birthdays, aniversaries, Easter, New Years day, etc. I could always expect to find a card, such as this one, on the counter in the kitchen, next to the coffee-maker, where she knew I would see it as soon as I got up in the morning. In addition, she remembered to send cards to all of her relatives and friends, without fail. We will all miss those expressions of her love.
     Today when I read GOOD, underlined for emphasis, it brought tears to my eyes once again.

An extract from the memorial service
by Maria Tafoya September 30, 2007
     "There are things we'll always remember about Jo. We'll remember that Dodgers cap she wore every Sunday. I teased her about it sometimes, but y'know, that's her team. On her last day, in her last moments, Ralph put that cap on her and she wore it to the end. It was cremated along with her."

by Ralph Cooper
     This morning, it was announced on the TV that the Dodgers won their second game in a series, apparently an unusual victory for them. That was enough to start me crying. I thought how much it would have meant to Jo. If she had been here, she would have been glued to the TV, snacking on a hot dog with half a beer, identifying with the crowd at the stadium. She would have been shouting with the rest of the crowd when a play was successful and grieving at every failure. She would be criticizing the announcers. It was one of her favorite pastimes.
To be Continued

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