1947 - 26 Aug - 1950

For my daughters, Elsah & Peggy
by Jo Cooper, July, 2007
     I'm trying to write down some memories of my two girl's father, John Edward Hunt, Jr. I was his first wife. I was with him from the time he was in ROTC in college in San Francisco until we were divorced in 1960. My girls never knew us as a happy couple. By the time they were old enough to understand, we were already at odds with each other. I think, now, at 76 years of age, it is time to tell them that they were conceived in love and that their father and I were happy before that.
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The Courtship & The War Years
The Marriage and Newlyweds
Life in San Francisco & Lawton, OK
Fort Lewis, Washington
John Goes to Korea
John & Jo Had Changed

Col. John Hunt
Goodbye, John
By Jo Cooper
       "Your ex-husband died at 4:00."
     That was how the yellow, lined pad note started. I found it in my bathroom when I returned from a night writing class. My son had written several more lines of sketchy details.
     What was I supposed to feel? The first thing I thought about was how several of the writing students had mentioned their reason for taking the class. They wanted to have a book on a shelf that would live on after they were gone. Immortality. After 25 years of published work, I didn't feel that way about my writing, but, the death of anyone near your age shakes your belief that you'll live forever.
     But how should I feel? I had divorced him 38 years ago and hadn't seen him for seven or eight years. My feelings for him had run the gamut of young-love, hate, and eventually nothingness.
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