Pioneer Pilot
Based on Walter Lees' Journals
1911 to 1931
Jo Cooper
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Paper: 162 pages; 8 1/2x11 inches
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Publisher: Converse Publishing, 1993
ISBN: 0-9638147-0-2
Pioneer Pilot, a personal account of the early years of aviation, is based on the 1911-1931 journals of Walter E. Lees, an "Early Bird". Like many other mechanics, engineers, and flyers of those early days, Lees is an unsung hero. A Wisconsin farm boy, Lees was determined to fly. And fly he did - soloing Billy Mitchell, checking Lindbergh out on a diesel, and in 1931, setting an endurance record which stood until the Voyager's flight in 1986.
     Besides Lees' journals, the author has included newspaper reports, letters, and interviews with friends, associates, and Lees' wife, Loa, who regularly packed up their ever-growing family and household to follow him and his dream all over the country. Also included are many never before published photographs.
     This book is a must for aviation buffs as well as those who enjoy stories of endurance and courage fulfilled.

Handfeeding Baby Birds

Jo Cooper
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Hard: 93 pages; 6x8 1/2 inches
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Publisher: T.F.H. Publications, 1979
ISBN: 0-87666-992-5
     "Hand raising a baby bird is an art. Yet Ethel Meyer, well known by aviculturists in not only the United States but also in Canada, Australia and Europe, says, "I've taught men with huge strong hands as well as children how to hand raise birds. It's all in knowing how."
     Cathy Cunningham, a lovely lady who raises baby birds for the Los Angeles Zoo, told me, "I don't think you can actually teach someone to hand feed. to be honest with you, I think it's something you have to have a knack for, but maybe you can guide them along the right lines."
     That's what this book is...just a set of guide lines. Not only do different species of birds need to be treated differently, but each individual bird develops at his own speed and must be handled accordingly.
     I am primarily a writer, but in the past few years I have also become a bird raiser and, as an apt pupil of Mrs. Meyer, have sucessfully hand raised finches, canaries and cockatiels.
     Ralph Cooper, D.V.M., is a well known veterinarian who specializes in avian diseases at the State of California Laboratory in San Gabriel, California. He also lectures at avicultural and veterinary conventions throughout the United States. His help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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