Casey Jones
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Contributed by Daniel L. Jones, 6-19-08
Charles S. (Casey) Jones
Charles S. (Casey) Jones
Collection of Daniel L. Jones, 6-19-08

  - 1894
(11 Jan) Born, Castleton, VT.
- 1911 -
Attends Rutland High School, Rutland, VT.
- 1913 -
First flight instruction (interrupted by the death of his instructor in a flying accident).
- 1915 -
Attends Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT. Receives B.A. degree (FA 9/39).
Attends Harvard's School of Physical Education (FA 9/39).
Employed as Instructor of Physical Training, Montclair Academy, Montclair, NJ.
- 1917 -
Entered U.S. Air Service (FA 9/39). Took ground school work at the University of Illinois (FA 9/39).
Flew at Wright Field (FA 9/39).
(Oct) Married to Marguerite "Marjory" Harrison Williams.
(Oct) 1st Lieut., U.S. Air Service (until Jan 1919).
Issoudon, France; pursuit school (FA 9/39).
Cazaux, France; aerial gunnery training (FA 9/39).
(Dec) In Issoudon, France; served as Pursuit School instructor (until Jul 1918). Later, Officer in Charge of Flying (Issoudon) (FA 9/39).
- 1918 -
Served with French Service Aeronautique SPA. 95 (until 1919).
Served with French 96th Pursuit Squadron Aug - Nov 1918 (FA 9/39).
- 1919 -
Employed by Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co., where he helped organize the Curtiss Exposition Co., later Curtiss Flying Service.
Participated in the first International Air Race, New York-Toronto, flying a Curtiss JN-4D and placed second in the speed contest.
Managed Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co.'s Curtiss Flying Service at Hazelhurst Field, LI NY (circa 1919-1921).
- 1921 -
A regular attendee of the meetings of aviators at Marta's in NYC; is a founding member of the Quiet Birdmen.
1st Place, Junior Legion Derby, Kansas City.
1st Place, 160 HP machines, Omaha.
2nd Place, 90 HP Race, Omaha.
- 1922 -
2nd Place, On-to-Detroit Race.
2nd Place, Country Club of Detroit Race.
- 1923 -
1st Place, On-to-St. Louis Race.
3rd Place, 90 HP Race, St. Louis.
3rd Place, Aviation Country Club Race, St. Louis.
- 1924 -
1st Place, On-to-Dayton Race in the 1924 Internation Air Races flying a Curtiss Racing Oriole.
1st Place, Central Labor Union Trophy Race, flying a Curtiss Racing Oriole, Dayton.
- 1925 -
7th Place, 1925 Edsel B. Ford Reliability Tour, the first of seven such events. Flew a Curtiss Carrier Pigeon, tour no. 22.
Manager Curtiss Exhibition Co.
- 1926 -
Curtiss Chief pilot.
11th Place, 1926 Edsel B. Ford Reliability Tour, the second of seven such events. Flew a Curtiss Oriole Special, tour no. 10.
- 1928 -
Contributes a series of columns to "Air Adventures" magazine, titled "Flying Colors" (known: Oct, Nov, Dec 1928; may be more).
- 1929 -
President of Curtiss-Wright Flying Service.
(Jan) Author of an article in "The Youth's Companion", titled "Lindberg Flies On!".
(02 Feb) Author of an article in "The Saturday Evening Post", titled "All in a Day's Work".
Continues to contribute a series of columns to "Air Adventures" magazine, titled "Flying Colors" (known: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug 1929; maybe more).
- 1930 -
(24 Aug) 1st place, 50 mile feature event of the second day of the National Air Races at Curtiss Field, near Chicago.
- 1931 / 1932 -
Hosts a regular radio column as part of the "Friendly Five Footnotes" radio show, which aired every Friday from 9:45pm to 10:00pm (Eastern Time) on WABC and the Columbia Network. At least 20 episodes aired, though unknown whether they all featured Casey.
- ca. 1932? -
Founds the J.V.W. Corp. (named for Jones, George A. Vaughn, Jr., and Lee D. Warrender).
- 1932 -
The J.V.W. Corp. become the exclusive sales representative for the Link Trainer.
Founded the Casey Jones School of Aeronautics, Newark, NJ. Later the Casey Jones Academy of Aeronautics at LaGuardia airport, NY. Now Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology.
- 1933 -
Contributes a series of columns to "Sky Birds" magazine, titled "Casey Jones' Flying Course" (known: Oct 1933; may be other issues).
- 1934 -
Continues to contribute a series of columns to "Sky Birds" magazine, titled "Casey Jones' Flying Course" (known: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jul, Aug 1934; may be be other issues).
- 1939 -
Featured in Sept. 1939 issue of "Flying Aces" magazine, in an illustrated article titled "They Had What It Takes, XXXII - Casey Jones - Aero Booster No. 1".
- 1962 -
(22 Nov) Married to Hulda St. John.
- 1976 -
(02 Feb) Died, St. Thomas, USVI.

Dates unknown:
Member, Aero Club of America; 1st Reserve Squadron.
Member, Wings Club (founded 1942 in NYC).
Bust placed in the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum.

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