Maynard Field Marker
"Frisco Bound"
the Great Transcontinental Air Race of 1919
Painting by Scott Blume
Scott Blume
     Scott Blume started doodling at an early age. Thanks to his close friends and his aunt's encouragement, he chose art as his pursuit in college, earning a BFA from the University of Wyoming in 1986. Since he is determined to bring the joy of creating art to others, he then got a BA in Art Education from UW in 1988. He started teaching middle school art in Green River in the fall of 1988 and has been happily blending art and teaching ever since.
     Scott constantly challenges himself to push his skills to higher levels. When he approaches a new piece, he will generally adopt a strategy that forces him to use a technique he's not yet fully mastered or a fusion of techniques he's not yet used in that particular way. He also greatly enjoys contemplating and then manipulating the interplay of elements (the color palette, composition, and so on) around a theme.
     Winning 2nd place as a professional last year in the Art on the Green and then having the State of Wyoming Museum purchase a piece for their permanent collection have been two of the highlights of his artistic achievements. He taught an adult class for the Community Fine Arts Center in Rock Springs and held a workshop for children for the Sweetwater County Library in Green River.
     Scott has been married for 16 years and has two children, one of whom he had the pleasure of teaching these last two years. He always enjoys visiting with former students and learning of their successes, both inside and outside of art.

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