>Ruth Law

>Ruth Law
Collection of Jerry Blanchard, 9-9-09

Ruth Law Oliver
Ruth Law's Headless Curtiss
Photo: Dave Cadorette
from Holcomb's Aerodrome
By permission from Kevin Holcomb

By Kevin Holcomb, 2-20-05
     The significance of the photo to me is that it clearly shows a Curtiss with the Wright brothers control interface, (2 levers as opposed to a wheel and the leaning seat). During that time, Curtiss was going out of his way to show that his design was different then the Wrights. The Wright controls were clearly not something that the Curtiss factory would have wanted to install so either the customer was very insistant or it was done after delivery, I do not know which. Ruth Law was trained by the Wrights, so seeing their controls on her aircraft is not surprising.

Holcomb's Aerodrome
     You can find the original photo seen above, along with four others of Ruth Law's Curtiss, by visiting Kevin Holcomb's website, "Holcomb's Aerodrome." In addition, Kevin has assembled links to several other sources of information on this plane, including an extensive collection of detailed photographs of The 1914 Ingram/Foster Biplane which is on display in the main lobby of the Albuquerque Sunport (ABQ). You can visit the page by following these directions:
1. Access the Homepage by clicking on the title above
. 2.On the left hand side of the page, click on "Pioneer Aircraft."
3. Click on "Curtiss Model D III.
     You will find five photographs of Ruth Law at the top of the page. If you will scroll down, you can enjoy the many other features.

Ruth Law Oliver
Ruth Law Oliver
EB Meeting at Fowler's
Kitty Hawk Celebration
December 3, 1965

An Early Bird Plaque with the date of the person's flight was awarded to each member. This one belonged to Ruth Law, one of the most famous Pioneer pilots.
Gift of Paul E. Garber
Displayed at Steven Udvar-Hazy Center
Photo courtesy of Ross Levin,
Owner of the Aviation Art Hangar.

  CHICAGO, March 15---"It's my husband's turn now, I've been on the limelight long enough, I'm going to let him run things hereafter and me, too."
     The speaker was Ruth law Oliver, daring woman aviatrix, who for 10 years has been courting death and defying it as a stunt flier both in America and Europe.
     She has quit aviation. Retired forever.
     "Because I'm a normal woman and want a home, a baby, and everything else that goes with married life," she says.
     "Why, I've been married for almost 10 years to Charlie Oliver, the man who has managed my exhibitions, and scarcely anyone knew who he was.
     "And the poor boy was so worried about me all that time that every time I went up he lost a pound."
     "He was a matter of choosing between love and profession. Of course, I'm just crazy about flying, but one's husband is more important.
Clipping from the Lester Bishop collection
Courtesy of David Balanky

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