First Plane In Skagway
Clarence O. Prest
First Aeroplane to Land in Skagway, Alaska July, 1922
From an exhibit in the Skagway Museum

  First Plane in Skagway
Siberian Aviator Lands Safely On Skagway

Aviator C.O. Prest arrived in Skagway this afternoon at 3:25 and landed against the wind on the beach beside the Sylvester wharf in safety, jut one hundred and twenty feet from where the wheels of the plane first touched the ground. A good crowd had gathered on the beach to welcome this pioneer of the air, and first sighted the plane at 3:15 as it sailed mountain high above the channel.

Mr. Prest has the distinction of being the first airman to land in Skagway. On the tail of the plane could be seen the words, "Prest, Polar Bear II, Las Vegas, Nevada". The aviator will remain in the city until tomorrow afternoon when he will continue his air voyage landing at Whitehorse, Y.T., perhaps an hour later. The people of Skagway and the tourists wish him a sucessful trip to his destination in Asia.

Daily Alaskan, July 6, 1922

From an exhibit in the Skagway Museum

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