AKA Neta Snook Southern

Neta Snook Southern
  Neta Snook, one of Ames' first female pilots, used to take passengers for a spin over Ames from her "airport," a field where Hilton Coliseum would stand. Snook left Ames to become a commercial pilot in California. In 1974 she wrote a book, I Taught Amelia To Fly. Died at age 95 on March 23, 1991, Neta Snook Southern. (See also: 38.190B.1-2)
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Farwell T. Brown Photographic Archive

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     If you search for "Neta Snook", using the Google search engine, (10-22-11), you will find about 7,680 links. A good place to start is the following.
Neta Snook
     This page on the Women in Aviation Resource Center offers the most comprehensive online biography of her life and career I have found. It is an excerpt from:
Ladybirds II - The Continuing Story of American Women in Aviation,
by Henry M. Holden and Captain Lori Griffith (1994)
Publisher: Black Hawk Publishing Co.
You can access it by clicking on the title.

Neta Snook Southern died at 95 years of age in 1991
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