Horace B. Tuttle

     Here's a nice picture of a real he-man birdman, Horace Tuttle of Cleveland, whose interest in aviation is still keen and who is always on the lookout for us to uncover interesting material for the BEAM. Horace, who first flew in Georgia in 1916, is shown in a CAP uniform of a few years ago, and we thought his many friends would liek to see him all pirmed and ready for flight.
This from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP
November, 1958 Number 60


       Horace B. Tuttle, born in 1881, learned to fly at the Wright Aeronautical School in Dayton, Ohio, and at Augusta, Georgia. He qualified for his F.A.I. Airplane Pilot's Certificate #419 in 1916.
     He later became a real estate broker. When his health began to fail, he went to Palm springs, California, where he died on November 11, 1964.
     Interment was in Cleveland, Ohio. No further details of his demise are available.
From The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, December, 1964, Number 71

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