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Pedro Leandro Zanni
Courtesy of Eloy Martín
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Colonel Military Aviador Pedro Leandro Zanni
He was born in Pehuajo the 12 of March of 1891, son of Pedro Zanni and Dominga Senini, both of Italian origin. He entered to the Military School of the Nation the 10 of October of 1906 and he was received the 2 of August of 1909 like Second lieutenant of Artillery. In 1913, with the degree of Lieutenant destined in Regiment 2 of Horse-drawn artillery (Field of May) next to Elisendo Ciriaco Pissano, Enrique Rottjer, Lieutenant 1º Angel Maria Zuloaga.

The 28 of March of 1913 the one of Pilot of Aerostat Nº 17 received from the authorities of the Aero Argentine Club. The 31 of March hurried to earth in the Palomar from 40 meters of height with the monoplane Castaibert IV undergoing minor wounds. The 8 of October the test of Nieuport M-IV was successfully carried out in the Palomar “Eduardo Castex”, for the test provisionally accepted the services of the Flying Pilot I move away to Tinao Plans. After test from which its adaptation with Agneta Lieutenant began. Day 19 1º initiated its adaptation to Breguet 1913 with the Lieutenant Raul Eugene Goubat. The 27 of November obtained brevet Nº 4 of Military pilot together (Military Bulletin Nº 3719) completing the first promotion of Aviators of the Army with the Engineer Newbery, Mascías and the Lieutenant 1º Goubat.

The 20 of 1914 July, on board of a Nieuport M-IV, after beating the triple South American record of aviation in the test of distance and speed when uniting the Palomar and Villa Mercedes continued flight from General Villegas to Pehuajo and day 21 this locality with the Palomar established a new South American record of speed when uniting covering 363 km in 2:10 flight hours to a speed 163 average of km/h.

The 18 of 1915 July obtained the triple South American record of aviation in the test of distance and speed when uniting the Palomar and Villa Mercedes, province of San Luis, on board of a Nieuport M-IV crossing the passage in 4:41 flight hours at a speed 150 average of km/h. The 3 of November on board established a record of height when rising on the Palomar to 4000 ms of height of a monoplane Morane Saulnier and the 5000 day 5 m.

reached The 13 of February of 1917 on board tried the crossing of the mountain range of The $andes of a monoplane Morane Saulnier, property of spoiled Engineer Military pilot Jorge Alexander Newbery, in the attempt, Zanni had to land in emergency in End of Cows because of a fault of the motor. Solved to the problem the 19 he made a flight between the places of End of Cows and Yellow Trench, but he destroyed to aterrizar.

The 4 of February of 1919 Antonio Parodi carried out with the Lieutenant 1º the flight of test of the Nieuport biplanes 28C1 matriculations donated N6338 and N6339 to perpetuity by the French aeronautical mission. The day February, the Lieutenant 1º Zanni on board made the first official aerial transport of correspondence within the national territory of the Nieuport biplane 28C1 N6339 matriculation, uniting the Palomar and Camet, Sea of the Silver with technical scales in Sevigné and Cobos. The 16 of April successfully carried out the test flight of donated Bleriot-SPAD VII to perpetuity by the French aeronautical mission. The 22 of September with the Lieutenant 1º Parodi, made a raid between the Palomar, Junín and return, without reduction in biplanes Ansaldo SVA 10.

The 2 of March of 1920 with the CAP Parodi, on board carried out the raid between the Palomar and Mendoza of individual biplanes Ansaldo SVA models 10 and 5. The 16 of March Zanni Captain, took off from the Tamarinds to 6:17 hours with the biplane 5 Ansaldo SVA Nº 1 “Sartorelli” and after evolving on Santiago of Chile the feat of Parodi Captain returned to its base to 9:35 hours repeating when making specific the double crossing of the mountain range of The $andes. Fulfilled the feat both officials returned to their base day 20. By the made act a special emblem of gold Military pilot was granted to them with allusive relief of the made act, name and the dates 1920 March and March 16 9 of 1920 in each one of them respectively (Military Bulletin Nº 5622, 1ª Part).

The 7 of December of 1922 with the degree of Captain a project formally presented/displayed before the authorities of the Aero Argentine Club with the intention of carrying out the return to the world in it airplane. Day 22, under the presidency of Baron Antonio de Marchi it constituted the Commission Pro Returned to the World to finance the emprendimiento proposed by the Greater Zanni. They were designated secretaries Mr. Julio A. Noble and Antonio Maria Biedma Recalde and vowels: Engineer Jorge Duclout, Alfredo Rouillón, Captain Vicente Almandos Almonacid, Gervasio Videla Dorna, Eduardo Bradley, Greater Angel Maria Zuloaga and Pedro Vidal Freyre. Day 30 Baron Antonio de Marchi put itself to the front of collects it public organized with the intention of financing the return to the world in it airplane projected by the Greater Zanni.

Captain Pedro L. Zanni and one of the Fokker C.IV's
Collection of Georg v. Rauch
Courtesy of Arne L. Brunner, 1-25-08
  The 26 of 1924 July the Greater Zanni together initiated in Amsterdam with the mechanic Felipe Beltrame the return to the world in it airplane, using for this test a Fokker C IV. It arrived the 18 of August at Hanoi, after to have crossed 12000 km and it destroyed the airship during a mishap to its arrival. The 11 of October arrived at the Kasumigaura lake in Tokyo, using an airplane similar to previous but provided with pontoons totalizing in this stage a route of 17015 km, and had to leave the test as a result of little propitious the meteorological conditionses for its continuity in relation to the climatic conditions and availability of material for prueba.

Between 1925 and 1926 the Greater Military pilot was affected to a project of air reconnaissance of the South Pole.

The 11 of June of 1926 commanded the tour of Minister military, General Ingeniero Agustín Pedro Justo made with biplanes Breguet XIX-A2. The 28 of November were named Head of the Department of Civil Aviation of the Aeronautical Service of the Ejército.

1º of January of 1928 was designated like unit commander of Grupo Nº the 4 of Observation with seat in the military airfield Tamarinds. The 29 of June of 1928 inaugurated the runway of the Military Factory of Airplanes when doing own with a biplane of Attack and the Bombing Breguet XIX.

The 5 of June of 1929 commanded a Squadron of biplanes Breguet XIX-A2 secundado by the Lieutenants Oscar Cairo and Raul Eliseo Pizales, a flight of exploration on the snowed one after violent terremotos.

The 28 of March of 1935 the Government of the Republic of France granted to the Lieutenant colonel Zanni the commission rank of the Legion of Honor. The 30 of January of 1936, in fulfillment of the laws of acquisition of aeronautical material integrated the Mixed Technical Commission with the degree of Tcnl.

The 30 of April of 1938 the National Executive authority had its transfer in commission to the United States North America. In 1941 Commander of the Active Air defense was designated. Between the 8 of October of 1941 and the 29 of January of 1942 evolved like Commander of Aviation of Army in replacement of the Major general Angel Maria Zuloaga.

The 16 of January of 1942 had the creation the Grouping Training with seat in the facilities left by Grupo Nº 1 of Observation in the Palomar and position of Inspector of Aviation (Decree Nº 111166, Military Bulletin Reserved Nº 1779). The 29 of January with the degree of Colonel Zanni, passed away to 23:23 hours in the Military Hospital of Field of May as a result of automobile accident happened to 21:15 hours on the national route Nº 9, km 22.900 in Beautiful Vista when it hit his particular automobile drived by Mr. Antonio Mango. Colonel Zanni was immediately aided by the Soldier Héctor Of the Field pertaining to 4ª Battery of Antiaircraft Grouping, the one that was bet in environs of the Door Nº 8, and by Mr. Bernardo P. Etcheverry. In his replacement he is designated like Commander of Aviation of Accidental Army Lieutenant colonel Victoriano Martinez de Alegría.

Their shining trajectory within Aviation of Army, causes that at the present time the Air Force emphasizes by its actions with the degree of Commodore (equivalent of Colonel) degree that never showed. He was nicknamed “the Cat”.

Cortesía Eloy Martín, Argentina

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Pedro Leandro Zanni died in 1942

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