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Before Amelia
Images and chronicles of the aerial crossing of the River of the Silver between 1907 and 1940
Diego M. Lascano
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Cloth: 175 pages; 22.5x30cm.
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Publisher:Librel Editores, 1999.
With the purpose of partly discovering the historical origins of our delay in the airports, the book in its hands invites it to go back at the beginnings of the aerial trip in this so particular place of the world that is the River of the Silver. To cross a river by airs never presented/displayed considerable difficulties for the precursors of the flight, nevertheless, "to jump the pool" was a true challenge for the vernáculos pioneers. In the following pages, the images and the chronicles of many of which they were animated to fly on his waters with fragile globes or airplane of wood and fabric will communicate the essence to him of the period of the history of this century that we denominated of "heroic aviation". Then, associated to caps of flight and antiparras, heavy leather clothes and faces tanned by frozen winds, the bridge between both capitals of the Silver tended for the first time, by force of value and tenacity.
      The election of this subject has been certainly capricious. I not only could revivir my first experience of flight, the crossing of the River of the Silver in a "turboprop" of young WING when, but that I managed to connect with the aeronautical spirit which I inherited of my maternal grandfathers, to who I did not get to know. Those postal of the brothers Wright, filed Santos-Dumont and BIériot in a trunk were the treasures of my childhood that allowed to discover the character me of pionnier of the aeronautics of my predecessor, Felix Icasate-Larios, in the Paris of the Belle Epoque. The planes, the patent of invention of L'0rnithoptére "Argentina", the cuts of the French newspapers that announced in 1909 the creation of this Argentine engineer and, finally, the pride of my grandmother, who weighed the seventy meters flown by the strange machine of beating wings of her husband, before damaging itself in the landing, conformed per years a very great load that today I can deposit on the paper.
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