Henri Cobioni & M. Aug. Bippert
Henri Cobioni, pilote, et son passager, M. Aug. Bippert, tués á La Chaux-de-Fonds, le 15 Octobre 1912
Le produit net de la vente de cette carte est destiné aux familles de deux victimes.
Henri Cobioni, pilot, and his passenger, Mr. Aug. Bippert, killed á the Lime-of-Bottoms, on October 15, 1912
The net proceeds from the sale of this chart is intended for the families of two victims

A partial transcription
courtesy of Christopher Thompson, 5-31-07
  I thought you might like scans of the picture postcard that I acquired last year. The relevant part of the message, in quite poor English, reads:-

"...I send you here the card..of these two mens. They has fallen down from the aeroplane. One of those was a most respected editor of this town, and the other the pilot of the aeroplane. How sad was this all. The two mens leave widows and young children...".

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