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Garros falls at Castagneto

Gentili calls us from San Rossore:

News that comes from Castagneto: Garros has fallen. The aircraft is broken. The pilot is safe.

     Immediately after, we receive other telegrams from various correspondents. The bad news has been spread with the rapidity of lightning, and has aroused great impression everywhere.

     Garros was awfully depressed. He was without uttering a word. We have known that the plane crash has been due by a breakdown of the engine. Garros has been in time to stop a goods train and by it to go to Castagneto, where he has taken the omnibus train from Rome.
     The news makes our blood runs cold. Poor Garros!
     Soon after the captain's Gotti car is ready to take us to the disaster site, but shortly after a new report comes to us: Garros goes back to Pisa by train.

A missed interview with the pilot

     The 1642 - a modest omnibus train - arrives at the Ardenza Station at 7.40. It is 20 minuts late.
     Two agents of the farm of the Della Gherardesca count, brothers Eugenio and Narciso Vittori, are into the 1st class compartment. Dr. Dello Strologo, director of the health service, boards on the carriage and feels pilot's pulse who is lying on the pillows of the carriage, dum, like is sleeping, but betraying the internal prostration with nervous darts.
     I address some questions to Garros, but he stubbornly doesn't replay.
     - Comme allez vous, Garros? - Puis je vous ètre utile, Garros? - Vous savez che Frey est bléssé, Garros? Avez-vous besoinn d'un café, Garros?
     However, Garros does not replay.
     At station of Livorno the pilot is forced to change train. A crowd of passengers, of railway men, citizens of all classes throngs around the unlucky pilot and surrounds him, between warm applauses.
     Garros acts like a dreamy: he does not speak. Dr Dello Strologo stands who tries to no effect to persuade the pilot to take some refreshments.
     While Garros collapses on the cushions of the new compartment, I do tell from brothers Vincitori.

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