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Garros' plane crash
The eyewitnesses' report

     - We were at a window of the farm - the two brothers have told me - when we have seen the Garros' plane coming from Cecina. The plane was running dizzily.
     Suddenly, (the monoplane could be at a height of about 200 meters) we have seen the plane to fall straight down, headlong, to a height of 50 meters.
     Garros, arrived at that height, must have done a desperate attempt to straighten the aircraft, because the monoplane has had a terrible start and has tried a new reclaiming. But immediately after the disastrous fall has made, the airplane has sunk in a field of wheat, covering the grass with the wings outstretched, and digging in the soft soil a deep grove. This happened a short distance from Bolgheri, about 3 km. from Castagneto, about 800 meters from the railway.
     It was 5.42!
     While many people on every side, trying to come to his rescue, Garros has raised, extricating him self from the tangle of the tingles of his plane, breaking into a run toward the railway. In that moment a goods train was passing, Garros has thrown him self to the heat of the train, making desperate signs to the engineer.
     Fortunately, he has understood and has stopped the train, bringing up the young, dressed in a strange fashion.
     The train has resumed its journey to Castagneto.
     Garros, now here, has so telegraphed to his engineer at Orbetello:
     "Garros' engineer
                     Plane broken because of panne engine: I go back Pisa. Come immediately".
     Garros has refused any food and support. He has back on the slow train 1642, which had 20 minutes late, Garros has set up to Pisa. From then on he has not said anything. - It was useless to persist in tormenting the unfortunate young, whom the disappoint of the defeat, happened midway triumph, had prostrated.
     And I'm down again, entrusting the poor defeated care of two brothers Vincitori.
     May be who knows? Garros will get a new airplane and fight again for the victory....

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