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Landing details
Beaumont's triumph

Nesti telegraph us from Rome (Parioli), 17.00 o'clock:
     Here are the details of aviator Beaumont's arrival:
     At exactly 16 o'clock a black point is noticed on the horizon in the direction of the extreme limit of Monte Mario.
     The airplane is proceeding safely towards the airfield.
     After a minute it already stands the figure of the aviator who is making out with stable and safe fly. He lands on the other side of the stands at the foot of hill Parioli.
     A thunderous applause breaks out in enthusiastic crowds.
     We hear one thousand cries of admiration and enthusiasm.
     Hats and handkerchiefs are waved. It is an unforgettable scene.
     Beaumont lands at precisely 16 hours and 6 minutes.
     All rushed to the place where Beaumont has landed, breaking up the cordons of troops and carabineers with mad impetus.
     The car, on which are the authorities, ranks quickly towards the aviator, but already thousands of people have surrounded Beaumont, whom is embraced and kissed and carried in triumph on the car.
     The authorities exhort the crow to move away because Beaumont needs rest. However, the car can only with great difficulty forces one's way through the crowd.
     Finally, the car arrives in the audience cheering to the royal stand.
     The aviator is let on and restored.
     Following the insistent applause of the crowd, Beaumont appears at the grandstand between the mayor Nathan and ambassador Barrere.
     The mayor pronounces a few words, cheering the victory of the aviator come to bring greetings from Paris as a pledge of brotherhood between the two nations.
     Big applause and "Hurrah for Beaumont! Hurrah for France!" crowns the words of the mayor. Beaumont responds thanking the Army and the Italian Navy for the valid help given to his enterprise. He says pleased about Italian-French bonds of brotherhood which rally around also with the ways of human courage. Beaumont's words are much applauded.
     Beaumont goes back in the stand and reads numerous dispatches received at his address.
     After, he is greeted by the Italian and French journalists.
     The aviator appears fresh and serene.
     A naval officer brings him the greetings of the Italian sailors, the aviator shows very welcome.
     Finally Beaumont, eluding the expectation of the crowd, goes by the car of the count Scheibler to the "Grand Hotel".

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