A few of the many testimonial letters, which Mr. Jerwan has received from different organizations, fully attesting the keen interest and great delight manifested by the audiences.
  My dear Mr. Jerwan:-I write to you to express the appreciation of the members of the University Club of Brooklyn for your most interesting and instructive lecture on the "Practical Art of Flying" which you recently delivered at the Club.
     The introduction of your model run by an electric motor added greatly to the interest of the address.
     Our members were all pleased and we wish to thank you for your excellent address.
Sincerely yours,
(Signed) Clarence F. Corner,
Chairman of Entertainment Committee.

Dear Sir:-Your lecture on "Practical Flying" recently given for the Young Men's Club of Plymouth Church was enjoyed by all those present. The large model monoplane which you exhibited and your description of the course of training by which a novice becomes an air pilot gave the audience a much clearer idea of the whys and wherefors of aviation.
Yours truly,
(Sighed) Newell Dwight Hillis
A. L. Love, Associate
WEST SIDE Y.M.C.A. City of New York

My Dear Mr. Jerwan:-I want to thank you on behalf of our members for the illustrated talk you gave on "Flying" at this Association. The working monoplane model and stereopticon views made your talk very interesting, in fact, I think our talk this year was better than the one last year, and that is saying a good deal for it. I will be glad to commend your work to associations and institutions which are looking for the best in the way of illustrated talks on flying.
(Signed) Alvin Gillett, Social Work Director.

Dear Sir:-Your lecture to us was highly entertaining and instructive. We all had a general idea of the "Art of Practical Flying" but your numerous views and your model monoplane, coupled with your clear explanations, gave us quite a distinct and tangible conception of aviation.
Yours very truly,
Mens' Association of the Bay Ridge Presbyterian Church,
(Sighed) Russell B. Smith, Pres.
  S. S. Jerwan  
  Mr. S. S. Jerwan gave a lecture on Practical Flying to the Men's League of the Old First Presbyterian Church. The lecture was entertaining and highly instructive. Mr. Jerwan used a working model of a monoplane to illustrate the theories of Aviation. This feature was well delivered and greatly enjoyed by the members of the league.
     It gives me pleasure to recommend Mr. Jerwan to any organization desiring a novel and instructive lecture on aviation.
(Signed) James A. McCague.
President of Men';s League

TWENTY-THIRD ST., Y. M. C. A.-City of New york.
My Dear Mr. Jerwan:-Your lectures on aviation, illustrated
with a working monoplane model and steriopticon views, which you have delivered for us on four different occasions, have been very much enjoyed by the audience, as may be judged from the fact that at each lecture you have had a larger audience than on the preceding onel
(Sighed) Burt B. Farnsworth.

Dear Sir:-The Men's Association of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church enjoyed the lecture you gave last Friday night on "Practical Flying". It was not only interesting but instructive as well, and I hope that other organisations will have the pleasure of hearing you.
Yours truly,
(Signed) Edwin S. Kassing.

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