A Cat Story
By Jo Lees

       "Tiny Tiny." Joey called. No cat appeared.
     "Mom, I haven't seen Tiny since this morning when we were outside playing. Did she ever come in?
     "No, I didn't see her, but you'd better look in all her favorite hiding places. She could have sneaked in when I wasn't looking"
     The next day they were still worried. Tiny had never stayed outside all night before.
     "We'd better ask the neighbors if they've seen her?"
     They took off down the long driveway Joey called his green tunnel because it was covered with trees and vines. There were three houses on the driveway.
     "Tiny Tiny," Joey called.
     At the first house Mrs. Chen was watering her yard.
"Have you seen my cat? She's white with black markings like a Micky Mouse head."
They went to the big stone house next.
"Tiny Tiny?"
     "Is it a small kitten?" Mrs Baker asked.
     "No, not now. When we first found her, she was a tiny kitten that fit in mother's hand. She fed it with a tiny baby bottle and we named her Tiny. Now she is all grown up, like me, but we never changed her name."
     "Tiny, Tiny"
     At the last house adjacent to the main street, Mr Brown said "Does your cat know her name? I 've had three cats, but they never came when I called their name. Dogs mind you like that, but cats are usually too independent The only way I found to get them to mind was to tap their food dish with a spoon and feed them as soon as they come inside.
     I heard an old tale once that when God first created the earth, He put cats in charge. After a few days the cats came to him and said, 'We don't want the job because it is too hard, you'd better give it to the humans.' Since then cats think they are the boss. House cats only tolerate us so they can get food without hunting mice and lizards outside.
     I haven't seen your cat and there haven't been any dead cats in the street, so I don't think she came this way."
     They went home. Joey cried..for days.
     Finally Joey heard a low cry at the door and there was a very thin Tiny. Joey and mother took her to the vet.
     "She is fine, but her claws look like she has clawed her way out of something. I think she got locked in some place with nothing to eat for a while. Cats are curious and like to wander outside and hide in small places."
     Tiny and Joey are happy now. They play hide and seek together inside the warm house. Tiny isn't allowed to go outside any more.
The End.
5-7 yr olds
462 wds

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