- L'Aeroplane de Villotran

L'Aeroplane de Villotran
by Philippe Gervais
     In 1902, Jules Gastambide funded a project to build a new engine and afterwards an aeroplane to go with it; Levavasseur was to be the engineer. When the engine failed to develop its promised 100hp, Col Renard at Chalais-Meudon lost interest in the operation, but Gastambide and Levavasseur continued the work anyway.
     Who cares about the adjustment and tuning difficulties, who cares about the hesitation of the military which had been called to help with the first attempt. One minute at 100 horsepower is quite enough for a flhying machine that will not fly longer than a few seconds anyway.
     Without waiting for the final tune-up adjustments, levavasseur starts to build an airplane, monoplane type.


     If you search for "Jules Gastambide", using the Google search engine, (11-27-05), you will find about 29 links. Even though he was not an aviator himself, he played an important role in the development of aviation, especially as the founder of the Antoinette company. I think you will be interested in learning more about him and his associates, Levavasseur and Hubert Latham.

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