the military aerodrome at North Island in twenty months, came as the climax to a series of looping the loop performed by Lieut. Douglas P. Netherwood, Walter G. Kliner and Walter Taliaferro. Only a few minutes provious to the fatal accident Lieutenant Netherwood and KIiner, each piloting No. 30, looped the loop.
     Lieutenant Taliaferro ascended at 11 o'clock and after circling for fifteen minutes attempted the first and last loop he ever made. He succeeded in his achievement and was in the act of making a long sweeping volplane to the hangars when the big military tractor was seen to plunge like a plummet towards the bay. The sound of the impact of the machine
Below: Diver From U.S.S. San Diego Being Lowered Into Bay
in Search of Ill-Fated Machine and Victim.
San Diego Union
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