tide running between 11 and 12 o;clock yesterday. Oil floating on the surface of the bay pointed out to rescuers where the aeroplane had sunk, but when divers were sent down, they reported that the machine was nowhere in sight. Grappling hooks attached to long hawsers were then towed back and forth across the channel by motor boats from the crusier San Diego. Nightfall, however, saw their efforts unavailing and the work was pursued throughout the night with officers of the signal corps aviation school assisting in directing the work.
      Arrangements for the funeral of Lieutenant Taliaferro will be held in abeyance until the body is recovered.
San Diego Union
OCTOBER 17, 1915
      Lieutenant Taliaferro is buried in the Masonic Section of Mount Hope Cemetary next to Major Sehon, at Mrs. Taliaferro's request.
Newsclipping courtesy of Mike Miller
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