k John Arthur Yonge
The "Dambusters" Squadron
  and the lack of any formal unit title might suggest that he was not actually at Hurn airfield.
As for any connection with the tests carried out by Barnes Wallis at Chesil Beach, whilst he was at Bournemouth, this seems highly unlikely as the tests were conducted from RAF Warmwell, not Bournemouth.
Despite suggestions to the contrary in some cases, there is no real evidence that Service Records were "fudged" to conceal secret work, but as is often the case, it can be shown that records of those who are known (and can be proven) to have been involved in such work were not corrupted or deliberately altered. Usually the entry refers to some obscure unit or station, without defining the role. With hindsight and records it can be seen how these were linked to the task in hand, although without knowing of the "secret project" one would not be suspicious. At the time
Of course, this could be the case in this instance. However, the role of a Link Trainer instructor in Bournemouth does not seem to tie in with the training of crews for dams raid. In any case, Scampton had its own Link Trainer Section which would have been used had occasion demanded it. The fact that the dambuster crews were all highly skilled pilots and Jack was ground staff and as far as we know had no experience of modern operational planes would make it very unlikely that he would have been required or able to give those pilots flying training. It is just possible that he could have made a visit to the Link unit at Scampton
So there is no evidence that he was involved with the dambusters and plenty of evidence to suggest he was not. In particular there is no indication that they were involved in any dual control training. He might just have been involved in the installation of the spotlight altimeter calibrator or with the "two stage amber " stimulated night flying system, but it seems most unlikely.
There is an outside chance that during his Link Instruction period he may have had a pupil, possibly Canadian, who went on to serve with the "Dambusters" Squadron at some stage, or he may possibly when at Bournemouth have has some transitory and peripheral involvement with the bouncing bomb or the squadron but there is no evidence to support this and plenty of evidence to suggest there was no link. We are however left with the fact that he told his nephew, in the 1960's that he flew mail planes in the Canadian North and helped train the Dambuster pilots. The reference to Canada was certainly correct so possibly there was some kind of link, but clearly not training the squadron pilots.
The reference may have to do with the fact that in the last months of the war Johnnie Fauquier commanded 627 Squadron. He was a Canadian who in the 1930's flew in remote parts of Canada. Jack may have known him and perhaps trained him in Canada?!
The "Special note" on his service record states; "In view of the representations made by the Ministry of Aircraft Production for his release from Air Force Services, it was decided to approve his resignation of commission in the RAFVR with effect from 5 February 1944, and he was permitted to retain rank of F/Lt under an order from the Air Ministry. Under Kings Regulation Para 3647: "An officer who resigns his

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