k John Arthur Yonge
Final Years
  commission will not retain any air force rank except by permission of the Air Council under directions which H.M. the King may be pleased to give. It will be competent for the Air Council to give or withhold this privilege. It would seem likely that, at the age of nearly 51 in February 1944 he would have been considered as reaching the limit of eligible age for military war service. However, the request from the Ministry of Aircraft Production would seem to indicate that he had skills which were valued by that organisation and which they wanted to utilise. It is impossible to guess what these might be, although one might speculate that they could be connected with the Link Trainer, or some other training device. His retention of rank might be indicative that he would still be involved with serving RAF officers and RAF establishments. Beyond that it is impossible to guess. The R.A.F Museum at Hendon has a photo of him at his time and the notes with the photo state that on the 8th of March 1944 he took a certificate on a Miles Monarch at the Miles airdrome at Woodley near reading. The Monarch was a single engine communications plane After the war he lived, at least in his latter years, at Llangurig, Powys, North Wales, where he farmed in a small way and looked after the electricity supply for the small isolated community. He died on the 15th November 1973 and his wife, it is believed some two years later. There is no apparent record of her death in the death registers and it is possible she returned to Canada.

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