k John Arthur Yonge
  R.A.F. and Royal Navy service records.
Cross and Cockade International Journal Vol.21
Honours and Awards 1914-1920
Disposition of Officers of the Royal Navy Air Service
Royal Naval Air Service 1912-18
Squadrons of the Royal Air Force
The DH 4/DH 9 File
Squadrons of the Royal Air Force 1918-1988
Royal Navy Aircraft Service Units 1911-19
R.N. Squadrons and Aircraft 1912-31
Montreal Gazette 22/12/1930
Action stations by Bruce Halpenny
Service Record
617 Squadron Aircrew Association
Royal Navy Museum

Appendix 1
Whilst in the Royal Naval Air Service/Royal Air Force he flew the following planes:

Nieuport Monoplane seaplane
F.B.A. Flying Boat
Short seaplanes
Bristol Scout
Sopwith Pup
Sopwith Camel

Biography written by Ian Yonge
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