Adolphe Pégoud
       Just As someone else in earlier days became popular as " The man who made the shah laugh ", people tend to lend these days some attention to my humble person, because now I'm "The aviator who flies upside down ". But however I hope people don't think that I'm trying to get some quick publicity by this originality. No, I'm happy to say that my insights are not in the least vulgar, neither am I tending to observe things from the flip side!Above all and first of all I want to serve Aviation and my comrades.
     The day that I will have proven that, in any dangerous position, a cold-blooded pilot can always find his balance again, I think that we will count a lot less disasters due now to lack of experience and to despair.To make my ideas triumphant, I had no other means than to cure the disease by the disease.
     To show that accidents can be avoided, I tried to bring about some, indicating simultaneously the cure.
     What I did, I did it because I'm convinced of being right. And we must prove to the young people that Aviation is not dangerous. I consider flying to be a sport not more risky than football. The same as you could, walking in the streets, have a chimney fall onto your head, you should fear only occasional and unforseeable breakdown, which happens less often nowadays thanks to the current engines.
       But where I wouldn't come to the idea of having someone try to throw a chimney on my head to prove that a walk isn't dangerous, I don't hesitate to make every performance considered until now as fatal to prove that a stable aircraft is an instrument of peace.

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