Adolphe Pégoud

The first stunt of Pégoud: the aviator, having abandoned his airplane, hangs on a parachute and has thrown himself in the void.

     I have always been interested in useful, but really new experiments. I started in this direction with the monoplane with a trolley. Mister Blériot had noted that seaplanes where easily getting destroyed on heavy seas and was looking for an idea to avoid this problem. Swiftly he designed something very clever: a cable from which the airplane could get started and to whom it could return to attach itself.I proposed myself immediately as testpilot. I feared however not to be admitted, since I was a very young pilot. Mister Blériot saw in me the spark of wanting to succeed at any price, accepted me and I began my training.
     At first I was attached to the cable by a trapeze with a hook mounted on top of the plane: the result, as well at the start as arrival, was marked. It was enough to prove that a solution had been found that would cause a revolution in the marine. My manufacturer modified the equipment: the trapeze and hook where disposed of and replaced by a system of antennas or corns, looking a bit like large beetlewings,
with a automatic bronze clipsystem to open or close onto the cable.
     The experiments where a big success: 10/10ths of the departures and 9/10ths of the arrivals being successful at first try. If not, a controlled curve, a turn, and one tries again to get the expected result. Not the slightest danger, not the slightest problem an nevertheless I was considered being a "tumbler". In thos days, unknown, I was very proud being called like that; still now I'm caaled a tumbler and know what? It doesn't flatter me any more! How a person's character can change to the contrary!
     I had the honor to perform my experiments with the trolley before Mister Pierre Baudin, Minister of the Marine, and on that day it wasn't easy, the wind blowing in salvo's and bustling winds were very dangerous. But I insisted
Adolphe Pégoud

Villacoublay, September 2nd. - The monoplane has turned over, the aviator performs a drop in glide, head down.

nevertheless to accomplish the experiment, so this statesman who came specially to see this would not have been there without having seen me perform. We learned that day a very important thing: by any weather this cable experiment could be performed, even by the most fierce winds. And then at sea, even by very bad weather the wind is in general regular and windsalvo's are not known of.

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