AKA Jules Fisher
Jules Fischer
Jules Fischer
Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers
Jules Fischer
Jules Fischer at Zaule, near Trieste (Italy) in 1911
Collection of Sergio Drasco
  Editor's Note: This beautiful photograph was kindly provided by Sergio Drasco. It appears in its original form on his website, Il TERGESTEO, If you read Italian, you can see the original photograph, along with a series of comments by his readers, by clicking on:
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Jules Fischer
1912      Hydroaeroplane M. Farman, piloted by FISCHER
Collection of Reg Winstone, 12-7-04

Jules Fischer
Collection of Reg Winstone, 12-7-04

from Jean-Pierre Lauwers
     Jules Fisher held Aé.C.B. license n°12...(June 25, 1910)
     He is best known for having won the Monaco contest for Hydroplanes in 1912! He also established 1924/11/24 a hydroglider speed record with a Farman Hydroglider on November 24, 1924. 1912, he was indeed a winner at Monaco.

     If you search the net using Google on "Jules Fischer" +aviation, (10-21-04), you will find just three relevant links, this one and two very helpful ones in French.
Les hydravions des frères CAUDRON
     This is quite a remarkable resource and includes three mentions of Jules. It is written entirely in French, but a machine-translation is available directly from the Google page. If you are not already familiar with this website, and if time permits, I suggest that you will enjoy it for its own intrinsic interest. You can access the page in French by clicking on the title above.
Les hydravions d’Alphonse TELLIER
     This is another very valuable resource, but is also written in French, so those of us who only read English will have to depend on a machine-translation to take advantage of it. I have extracted the paragraph in which Jules is mentioned and translated it.
     "In March 1912, the organizers of the meeting navalde Monaco, Camille White and George Prades, unjournalist in love speed, have good the idéed' to add to their races of boats and high-speed motorboats rapidesoù have triumphed for ten years the boats and vedettesTellier a contest for hydro airplanes. Deuxaéroplanes Close Duck equipped with floats typeFabre controlled by Maurice Colliex and Paul Rugère seprésentent with this contest beside the biplane MauriceFarman single-engined aircraft equipped with floats Tellier pilotépar Eugene Renaux, of the biplane Henri Farman to flotteursFarman controlled by Jules Fischer. Two hydravionsCurtiss Triad with Curtiss floats controlled by LouisPaulhan and American Hugh Robinson are added auxconcurrents as well as a biplane Sanchez-Besa àflotteurs Tellier controlled by Jean Benoît. The JulesFischer Belgian gains the test, but the floats Tellier àredan show all their effectiveness."
     If you go to the original pdf file, you can enjoy some of the many photographs which are displayed. You can access that page by clicking on the title above.

The dates of his birth and death are unknown to me.
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