Horacio Ruiz Gaviño
Collection of Pablo Arumbe, 8-7-09

  Mexico City, July, 1912. A photo for history: From left to right, Alberto Salinas Carranza, Gustavo Salinas C., Juan Pablo Aldasoro Suárez, Horacio Ruiz Gaviño and Eduardo Aldasoro Suárez. In those days, they left for Long Island, New York, where the famous Moissant International Aviators School was established
Ciudad de México, julio de 1912. Una foto para la historia: De izquierda a derecha, Alberto Salinas Carranza, Gustavo Salinas C., Juan Pablo Aldasoro Suárez, Horacio Ruiz Gaviño y Eduardo Aldasoro Suárez. En esos dias partirian rumbo a Long Island, N. Y. , donde estaba establecida la famosa Moissant International Aviators School.
Extract from Revolucion Mexicana / Contrarrevolucion en Yucatan" Vol 61, Oct. 1967
Courtesy of Gerardo Garcia de León


     If you search for "Horacio Ruiz +aviation" using Google, you will find about 21 links. (2-2-03) Among the most interesting are the following.
     On this site of J. Barbes M., you will find a nice little biography, illustrated with four pictures. The text is in Spanish, so if you need an English translation, just use Google and you can access a machine translation directly. To access the site in Spanish, just click on the title above.
     This site offers a very comprehensive history written in English. It covers the period from 1912 to 1928 and provides many details on both aviators and airplanes. To access it, just click on the title above.
Pioneer of Aviation
by Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Grandson of Juan Pablo Aldasoro
September 4, 2002

     This wonderful website which features the story of Juan Pablo Aldasoro, was built by his grandson, Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro. It presents a comprehensive story of his life and career and includes many photographs from his collection. In addition, it contains numerous references and photographs of Juan Pablo's brother, Eduardo, and of three other Mexican pioneers, Alberto Salinas Carranza, Gustavo Salinas Camiña, and Horacio Ruiz Gaviño.
     Carlos has provided the biographies of his grandfather in both Spanish and English. You will also find sections devoted to Condecoraciones (Decorations), Links, Fotos (Photos), and Planos de Vuelo (Drawings of Flights). I am sure you will enjoy your visit to this fascinating site. You may visit it by clicking on:
Juan Pablo Aldasoro Suárez


     In February of 1911, President Madero made a short trip in an airplane around the outskirts of the city of Mexico, The experience convinced him of the importance of the airplane and of its possibilities. Thus he ordered that some airplanes should be purchased and he established scholarships for several Mexicans in order that they could go to the United States to learn to be pilots. He intended that they should bring several planes back to their country when they returned. Among those who were granted the scholarships were Alberto and Gustavo Salinas, (acquaintances of Venustiano Carranza), Horacio Ruíz Gaviño and Juan Pablo and Eduardo Aldasoro. Nevertheless, the Madero project was suspended because of the Tragic Ten, in which President Madero and Vice-president Pino Suárez both died.
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     En febrero de 1911, Madero hizo un corto viaje en avión sobre la periferia de la ciudad de México, experiencia que lo convenció de la importancia de los aeroplanos y de sus posibilidades. Por lo cual ordenó que se compraran algunos y se becara a varios mexicanos a fin de que estudiaran para pilotos y trajeran los respectivos aparatos al país. Entre los becados estaban los hermanos Alberto y Gustavo Salinas -familiares de Venustiano Carranza-, Horacio Ruiz, Juan Pablo y Eduardo Aldasoro. Sin embargo, el proyecto maderista se suspendió a causa de la Decena Trágica, en la que murieron el propio presidente Madero y el vicepresidente Pino Suárez.

     You will find a nice little entry for Horacio Ruíz Gaviño, on this site, as well as a little picture of him. The text is in Spanish, but if you use the Google search engine, you can translate the article directly. To visit the site, just click on the title above.

Horacio died in 1957
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