AKA Helmoth Hirth, Jean Hoesli & Gordian Hoesli
Helmuth Hirth
Flugführerzeugnis erworben im März 1911
erreicht mit 2 Passag, eine Höhe von
4900 m. Anerkennung als Weltrekord
durch die F.A.I. ist zu erwarten
Pilot's license certification acquired in March 1911
reached with 2 Passag, a height
of 4900 m. acknowledgment as world record
by the F.A.I. is to be expected

Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 4-22-05
Helmuth Hirth
Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 4-22-05

Aviator Hoesli Dies of Injuries
The Daily Times
Chattanooga, Tennessee, May 3, 1912,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 8-13-04
Berlin, May 2
     Gordian Hoesli, the aviator, died here early today of injuries received last evening in a fall from a monoplane. He was a trying out his machine, and was not more than ninety feet from the ground when he dropped.
     According to spectators, Hoesli was jarred out of his seat when he turned a curve rather sharply, lost his equilibrium and dived to earth.

Helmuth Hirth
Lt. Helmuth Hirth
Library of Congress Collection, 1-29-07
German Wins Air Race
Carried Passenger 330 Miles in an Aeroplane
in 395 Minutes

The Daily Times
Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 11, 1912,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 8-13-04
Vienna,June 10.
      The aeroplane race from Berlin to this city under the auspices of the Imperial Aviation society and the Austrian Aero club, started yesterday morning, was won by Helmoth Hirth, German, carrying as a passenger Lieut. Scheoller of the German army. Hirth with his companion covered the distance (330 miles) in a direct line in 395 minutes actual flying time.

     If you search for "Helmuth Hirth -strasse -Straße -Str -weine", using the Google search engine, (8-14-04), you will find about 27 links, most of them in German. Perhaps the most helpful is the following.

Das Flugwesen und seine Folgen
     This page offers an article published in 1912 entitled Flugwesen, (Aviation), by Von Dr. A. Hildebrandt, Luftschiffer - Hauptmann a. D. If you read German, you will enjoy reading the whole article. I found and machine-translated the following excerpt in which Helmuth Hirth is mentioned.
"The achievements, which are determined until today, prove that the future of the airplanes is promiseful. 4360 meters height first lieutenant Blaschke, 746 kilometers reached covered in a flight Gobé, 11 hours remained Fourny in air and the speed of 166.8 kilometers continuously reached Bédrines in only one hour in Vienna. The last-enumerated maximum output are all of Frenchmen obtained, in Germany are we unfortunately still far back. Our best flier is Helmuth Hirth, that the flight Munich - Berlin made and on the excellent new Rumpler Eindecker winners became in the second German reliability flight on the upper Rhine and during the flight Berlin - Vienna. We Germans have to work however still much, until we will catch up the projections/leads of France. The Frenchmen are the opinion, flies are one only its nation reserved art, in addition, our compatriots achieved already hervoragende achievements."

Helmuth Hirth vor seiner alegrevilchen Rumpler-Taube
Helmuth Hirth in front of his "alegrevilchen" Rumpler-Taube
Collection of Rene Hackstetter, 4-22-05

Der Flieger Helmuth Hirth (hinten) in einer 'Rumpler-Taube'
     This page offers a nice little photograph of Hirth in a Rumpler-Taube. You can access the photo by clicking on the title above.

Jean Hoesli, (Helmoth Hirth), is reported to have died on 1/2 May 1912 in Berlin.
via email from Dave Lam, 2-20-05
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