C.P. Mason
Admiral C. P. Mason - 1944
Collection of Kelly Fletcher, 5-15-05

C.P. Mason
Loading Mail into Gig From Flying Boat of the Pacific Fleet

C.P. Mason
Admiral Rodman
Captain H.C. Mustin, Commander J. H. Towers and
Lieut. Commander C. P. Mason

C.P. Mason
Admiral Rodman depositing letter in aerial mail pouch.
Com. R. M. Brainard, Capt. Mustin, Com. Towers and Lt. Com. C. P. Mason

C.P. Mason
Admiral Rodman supervising loading of
aerial mail pouch by Com. R. M. Brainard,
Capt. C.P. Mason waiting for pouch.
C.P. Mason
Flying Boat of the Pacific Fleet,
possibly a Curtiss H 16,
Landing with Load of mail. abt 1918

Flight to Coco Solo in Panama
Contributed by Brian Miller, 12-3-12
C.P. Mason
C.P. Mason
  Mr Cooper,
     This postcard led me to your site. It is from a record breaking flight to Coco Solo in Panama from 1920-1921. The flight was ordered by Henry C. Mustin who flew in F5L #9 and he was Commander of Air Forces in the Pacific Fleet at the time. Pictured here is F5L#10 on the final leg of that flight. There were a total of 12 of these F5L flying boats from Seaplane Squadron 10, under the command of LCDR C P Mason. John Towers was in command of the two NC boats (5 and 6) that were also on this flight, but were destroyed on the trip. I believe all of the pictures on the page dedicated to CP Mason are from this flight, but I'm no expert. I just haven't found any other record of when Towers, Mason, and Mustin would have been in Panama receiving mail from Admiral Rodman except on this trip.
      On that note, I believe the picture of the flying boat on this page labeled as a possible H-16 is actually F5L number four, but I'm no expert. The above information was sent to me from the National Naval Aviation Museum when I inquired about the post card.
     During WWII, Rear Admiral Mason served as Commander, Naval Air Training Bases, Corpus Christi, TX. He commanded the largest navy training complex in the world at the time. He is prominently pictured in every edition of The Slipstream from 1941-1944. Hopefully this is useful information. Also, anything you might have regarding this flight to Coco Solo would be appreciated.

C.P. Mason
Admiral C.P. Mason Addressing Rotarians at Kingsville, TX
Collection of Kelly Fletcher, 5-15-05
via email from Kelly Fletcher, 5-15-05
Mr. Cooper,
     I found this photo from 1944 of Admiral C.P. Mason in a scrapbook that recently came into my possesion by pure chance. The scrapbook documented some things from the life of a gentleman named George H. Winsor, who apparently was a big shot at the San Benito & Rio Grande Valley Railroad from about 1913-1925. I'm not sure if or how Mr. Winsor knew Mr. Mason...Any info you have would be appreciated. I''ve included the front and back of the photo, which is all the info I have on man...your site was the first one I hit tyring to find more info.
Hope this helps,
(Mr.) Kelly Fletcher
For a little more info and scanned pics regarding George H. Winsor please visit:
More photos coming soon.

     If you search for "C.P. Mason +aviation" using Google, (9-1-03), you will find about 16 links. Three brief entries from the Naval Historical Center are reproduced below.
Naval Aviation Chronology 1917-1919
JUNE 13, 1918
     The first American-built aircraft to be assembled in France, an HS-1, made its first flight at Pauillac, piloted by Lieutenant C. P. Mason, USN, with Commander J. B. Patton, USN, and Lieutenant W. B. Jameson, USNRF, as passengers
Naval Aviation Chronology 1920-1929
DECEMBER 3, 1923
     The establishment of a special service squadron, for the purpose of developing long-distance scouting planes, was approved by the Chief of Naval Operations. The squadron, designated VS Squadron 3, was initially based at NAS Anacostia and commanded by Lieutenant Commander C. P. Mason
U.S. Naval Chronology Of W.W.II, 1943

February 15, 1943
     Joint air command designated Aircraft, Solomon Islands (Rear Adm. C. P. Mason) is established with headquarters at Guadalcanal.
Quand 1'U.S. Navy patrouillait dans les Landes.
(When 1' U.S. Navy patrolled in the Moors. ?)
     This PDF file contains many great photographs of men and machines of the era.
It is all in French, so I can only speculate that it is of great interest.

     Bob Davis has found a number of very helpful websites. (5-27-05).

Historic Preservation Society
Columbia, PA
Columbia's Admirals.
      An interesting part of Columbia's multi-faceted history is the number of significant figures born here. Two servicemen, including C. P. Mason, who attained the rank of Admiral, hail from Columbia:

The History of Naval Aviator
and Naval Aviation Pilot Designations
and Numbers,
     Mason is Naval Aviator No. 52 of the first 250 in the Designated List of Naval Aviators. This list begins on January 1, 1914 (see page 2). Page 13 lists 14 early aviators for the period 1912-13. Page 12 lists 69 aviators in 1920 and 1921.

     Capt. Charles P. Mason as the first command officer.

Personal papers, 1917-1965
Mason, Charles Perry (1891-1971)
Naval Aviator and Pensacola Mayor
     Personal papers, 1917-1965, including materials as Naval Aviator No. 52 and as mayor of Pensacola, 1947-1957. Includes several personal photographs and a photograph of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1918. 16 items (.18 c.f.). Gift of Mrs. C. P. Mason.
Accession M1972-09. From the University of West Florida website:

Admiral Mason died in 1971.

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please contact me.
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