H. C. Mustin

H. C. Mustin
  This photograph of Capt. Henry C. Mustin hangs in the lobby near the main entrance to the NAS Pensacola Mustin Beach Officer's Club. The Club is named in his honor.
Photo courtesy of Steve Kaiser

H. C. Mustin
  By March of 1914 the U.S. Navy had established a flying school at Pensacola, Florida. Among the commissioned officers taking the course that year were the above (left to right); Lieutenant V. D. Herbster, Lieutenant W. M. McIlvain, Lieutenant P. N. L. Bellinger, Lieutenant R. C. Saufley, Lieutenant J. H. Towers, Lieutenant Commander H. C. Mustin, Lieutenant (Army) B. L. Smith, Ensign de Chevalier, and Ensign M. L. Stolz.
Official U.S. Navy Photograph
from The Early Birds
by Arch Whitehouse

H. C. Mustin
Flying Boat of the Pacific Fleet, Landing with Load of mail.

H. C. Mustin
Loading Mail into Gig From Flying Boat of the Pacific Fleet

H. C. Mustin
Admiral Rodman
Captain H.C. Mustin, Commander J. H. Towers and
Lieut. Commander C. P. Mason

H. C. Mustin
Admiral Rodman depositing letter in aerial mail pouch.
Com. R. M. Brainard, Capt. Mustin, Com. Towers and Lt. Com. C. P. Mason

H. C. Mustin
Admiral Rodman supervising loading of
aerial mail pouch by Com. R. M. Brainard,
Capt. H. C. Mustin waiting for pouch.


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Primarily for its own intrinsic interest, and secondarily because of the help of its webmaster Norman Palladino to me, I recommend that you start your search for more information on his website, "The Mustin Family." It recounts the exploits of several generations of family members who served with distinction in the U. S. Navy, including Capt. Henry C. Mustin.
In addition, it is a link to the story:
Famed Navy family's name to grace destroyer
By Mark Sauer
San Diego Union-Tribune
December 15, 2001

"Now the famous Navy family with long ties to San Diego is having a destroyer named in its honor. The Mustin will be christened today at a shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss., and will be home-ported in San Diego beginning in 2003."
To access it, click on:
Mustin Family

He died in 1923 of heart disease
from Mustin Family
Reference Courtesy of Norman Palladino

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