Hariton Slavorosoff
Hariton Slavorosoff
Hariton Slavorosoff
Under licence from publisher Giorgio Apostolo
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 2-2-05

via email from Giovanni Giorgetti, 2-2-05
The Russian pilot Hariton Slavorosoff
     He was born in Odessa (Ukraine) on 11th October 1886. He received his pilot licence (N 41) in Warsaw the 25th August 1911 on Etrich airplane.
     He carried out a lot of raids, amongst which more notably are the Karlsbad - Marienbad - Franzsesbad of 185 km and the Milan - Turin.
     After becoming a pilot of the Associates Caproni & Faccanoni of Vizzola Ticino, on 23rd January 1913 the world-wide record of speed with passenger in closed circuit of 5 km was adjudicated covering km 200 in 1 hour, 56 minutes and 30 seconds and km 250 in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 30 seconds. In the same day the following world-wide records were adjudicated too:
the 2 hours with 206,250 km;
the 2 hours and average with 265,779 km;
the Italian record of the 5 km in 3';
the 10 km in 6';
the 20 km in 11' 55 ";
the 30 km in 17' 49 ";
the 100 km in 57' 45 ";
the 150 km in hours 1,27' 35 ";
beyond to the record of height with m 1,060 in 9'.

Hariton Slavorosoff
Hariton Slavorosoff
The Start - Milano to Pisa
The Finish - Pisa to Roma
       On 26th February 1913 he carried out the Vizzola - Milan - Genoa - Pisa - Rome raid. This is the description of the event:
     In January 1913, Hariton Slavorosoff a young Russian aviator, coming from nearby Switzerland where he was taking part in an air manifestations, found him self in Vizzola Ticino. His visit was motivated from the purchase of a Caproni propeller, that he wanted to assemble on his Bleriot, but the engineer Caproni perceived his abilities and engaged him as test pilot.
     On 23rd February 1913 the Gazzetta dello Sport (Sport Gazette) threw out the idea of an air raid Milan - Rome planed by the nobleman Luigi Origoni, vice president of the Italian Society Aviation, and by the cav. Arturo Mercanti, collaborator of the newspaper and general secretary of the Italian Touring Club.
Hariton Slavorosoff
The Takeoff
       Mr Caproni decided to take this opportunity in order to carry out the delivery of an airplane Ca.16, donated to the Army from the S.I.A. (Italian Society of Aviation). The Ca.16 piloted by Slavorosoff carried out the raid after several vicissitudes, also because of the bad atmospheric conditions. The organization of the raid was impeccable under all relationships, the Ministry of Navy had decided that some torpedo boats cruised along the coast from La Spezia to Civitavecchia.  
Hariton Slavorosoff
Slavorosoff Arrives in Rome
Under licence from publisher Giorgio Apostolo
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 2-2-05

     If you search for "Hariton Slavorosoff", using the Google search engine, (2-3-05), you will find just one link. The text is in Italian, but a machine-translation to English is available.

Rosina Ferrario, la prima donna volante
     This is an extensive biography of Rosina Ferrario, the first woman to fly in Italy. Slavorosoff is mentioned only briefly in passing as being active in the area. You can access the site in Italian by clicking on the title above. If you need the version in English, you can click on:
English Version

Hariton Slavorosoff
Personal communication from Giovanni Giorgetti, 2-2-05

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