The Story
of the
Early Birds
Governor's Island
Aviation Monument

Table of Contents
  Page 01. Cover Page
Page 02. Foreward
Page 03. Special EB Committee
Page 04. Eight Ton Granite Stone
Page 05. Stonework
Page 06. From the Stonecutter's Yard
Page 07. Planning the Ceremonies
Page 08. Dedication Program
Page 09. Souvenir Booklet
Page 10. Early Bird Day
  Page 11. Ceremonies at City Hall
Page 12. Checkered Caps Abound
Page 13. Colonel John S. Roosma
Page 14. Honor Guard
Page 15. Off it Comes
Page 16. Early Birds Road
Page 17. A Day to be Remembered
Page 18. The Plaques
Page 19. Flights to & From
Page 20. The Main Plaque


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